What even is this?

Let’s address that question, shall we?

I am the Tiny Angry Female, or TAF for short. I stand at 5’2″, which is average height for an American woman, in the grand scheme of things. The tiny part comes from my best friend and husband, who is called LUM. He is 6’2″. Next to him, I am smol. As for the Angry part, I am a passionate individual, and my passions occasionally lead me to express Opinions about Things very loudly and with some flailing and thrashing about. I will shriek and rage about things I see or hear that drive me nuts. Or things that I love so much. Or just… in general. Beware of flying limbs and all will be well.

This blog is honestly a giant mess. There is no theme to it aside from what I find interesting or funny. There will be quotes, prose, poetry, musings, ramblings, rantings, and ravings of all types. Very little will be connected. You have been warned.

Things you will see lots of on this blog:

Writing! And reading! I have been reading since I figured out how as a child, and writing for nearly as long. Even before I could write, I made up stories to tell myself. Several decades later, my favorite thing to do is write, and my second favorite thing to do is read. My favorite genre is urban fantasy, though I will read almost anything if the synopsis catches my attention. I dabble in poetry. Occasionally, I will post pieces in hopes of getting feedback. Comments on those are appreciated. (Note: while I do read and write fanfic, it will not appear on this blog.)

I recently graduated college this year and obtained my bachelor’s degree in english with an emphasis on creative writing. Look at me: I’m all educated and shit, now!!! But you’ll see lots of writing things on here, from tips and tricks to process and plot help. I want to help my fellow writers any way I can, and if that means posting a list of questions I ask my characters to get to know them, I totally will.

Crafting! I like to knit and crochet. Both are soothing and let me shut off my mind for a little while. I learned to crochet in 2012 when I needed a call center-friendly activity. More recently, I have learned to knit. Knitting is slower but much more therapeutic than crocheting. Want to be friends on Ravelry?

Baking! I don’t necessarily like to cook, but I love to bake. I feel like it’s more involved and I get to eat tasty treats at the end. What I bake depends on what I want to eat that day, so recipes will be anything from curds and cookies to pies and pastries. I’ll do my best to include the recipes for everything I make here.

Games! I like to game. I play a variety of PC games. I do own a PS4, but I prefer my PC. In addition to video games, I play tabletop RPGs. My group has played Pathfinder, Mouseguard, Dragon Age, Fate, Firefly, and Shadowrun… we’re still working on Shadowrun. It is complicated, sometimes needlessly so (e.g. Riggers). I had to visit a shop and buy a whole crap-ton of dice so I would have enough for my damage checks.

Cursing! I curse. I try not to let it get excessive, but the words are there. I won’t apologize for them, nor will I censor them in my personal writing. Words are tools and there is always a correct tool for a job. Sometimes the correct tool is a rapier, beautiful and precise. And sometimes the correct tool is a metal folding chair with the word “fuck” written on it. You wouldn’t use the rapier where the folding chair is better suited.

Other things that I find interesting enough to research and rant about! This will honestly depend on my whims and my interests at any given time. If you see a random blog entry that seems like it came out of nowhere, like the history of certain words or how this-or-that came to be, it’s because I went on a research binge and found something and had to word-vomit.

Now that we’re all clear on what to expect, thanks for stopping by. I hope you choose to stick around.