Screw you, Target AND Walmart

I love coupons! I like using them, and I like that they save me money. Both Walmart and Target have some pretty awesome coupons, this week, and I would love to be able to use them! The only problem I have is that neither Target nor Walmart seems to want to let me PRINT my clipped coupons. Sure, I could go and find one of their ads, cut out the coupons, and use them that way, but what is the point of having an online coupon page if I can’t bloody use it. Neither of them “support my default printer.” Why is the printer an issue? It’s a fucking printer; it’s job is to PRINT the damn coupons.

I get that you want to get as much money out of me as possible, because you’re evil like that, but it’s really not cool to show me the coupons and then not let me have them. You’re teasing me. I do not enjoy teasing. Do you know what I do to people that tease me? I bite them, and I have some fucking sharp teeth.

Fuck both Target and Walmart, AND your damn coupons.


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