Monthly Archives: July 2014

We Are Not People-People

Boyo: The less human interaction, the better. If I had a way to make the pizza guy leave the pizza at the door?
TAF: *busts out laughing*
Boyo: You think I’m joking, but-
TAF: Oh, no. I know you’re serious, and that’s why it’s funny.


Fear teh Cleansing Fiyah!

Cap and Boyo play video games together. No matter what they play, if it is possible to do so, Cap will inevitably set Boyo on fire. It’s never on purpose, either. It’s always ENTIRELY by accident. TAF finds this EXTREMELY amusing.

Boyo and I are chatting after I get home from work. The subject of suicide comes up…

Boyo: But if I die, it would solve so many problems!

Me: You can’t kill yourself! I would be so upset if you did that!

Boyo: *just laughs*

Me: AND! Eventually, you’ll be sharing an afterlife with me.

Boyo: O_O; Uh…


“The fact that I kind of like her is clashing with my genuine wish to strangle her, and it is confusing me.” ~Me, about a friend of a friend.

Things TAF Does

Boyo will occasionally ask questions, and I will answer them. That in and of itself isn’t the problem. Apparently, the facial expressions I use while answering some of these questions frighten or confuse him, and occasionally the expression will send him into a gibbering fit. Boyo does not like my facial expressions. >:D