My writing teacher has asked that we revise all the pieces we wrote during the semester. “Hurricane Mother” is one of the poems I wrote for class and thus it will be subject to revision. Depending on how that goes I may post it here.

HOWEVER! Right now the revision isn’t going so well. The poem is heavily narrative; I tell a story. Also, she would like me to add insight. The piece she had me go back to look at is called “Lesson” by Ellen Bryant Voigt. I am honestly not sure what she wants me to do with it or what she wants me to pull from it to adjust my own poem.

I feel like I am attempting to bash through a wall with my head. Which one will crack first? I have no idea, but revision is happening… sort of. Dammit, I will break this thing! It will bow before me because I am a person and it is not. GAH!


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