I want to share this with you guys… don’t judge me.

I like tea. Coffee is okay, too, but I honestly prefer my tea. I don’t really have a favorite blend of tea (yet), but I figure I’ll try things until I find one that makes me go, “YES THIS!”

There’s a web site that I get my tea from. It allows people to make blends based on various fandoms. For instance, there is a line of teas that are named after Harry Potter potions. My favorite is Veritaserum. If your tea is named for a character and that character is “shipped” with another character, you can buy both and get a discount. This amuses me greatly.

I recently picked out a few new flavors because I found a line created for the fandom I am currently fixated on. One of the characters is a mix of tiger eye and toasted mate almond. This in and of itself is a good blend. It’s tasty and not overpowering, though I still need two sugars and a dash of milk to make it awesome.

My favorite part? The blend has rainbow sprinkles in it!


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