Theory Classes

I am an English major. This means I do lots of reading and lots of writing. I also do a lot of analyzing the things I’m reading or writing. Usually I love this kind of thing. I like reading. I love writing. That is literally what I want to do with my life.

This semester, however, I have two classes that delve very heavily into theory. This is a problem for me. Why is it a problem, you ask? Because theory and I are Not Friends. I don’t always catch on to theory and what it’s getting at. Subtlety is not my forte. To quote my husband, “You’re about as subtle as a brick through a window.”

You know, I actually love that description? I have stolen it from him and it is mine, now.

But yes! Theory and picking up the hidden meanings in the texts. You remember how I described insight as me banging my head against a brick wall and wondering which would crack first? Multiply that by ten and you have my understanding (or lack thereof) of theoretical shit.

What indeterminacies can I find in these texts? Well, I have no fucking idea. I am trying so damn hard to understand but it just isn’t clicking. I’m really hoping that this class, like… teaches me how to understand. Isn’t that what school is for?

Ugh. Everybody wish me luck! >.<


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