Back To School!

It is now late-September and I have kinda sorta maybe (not really) figured out the rhythm to this semester. I started with five classes and ended up dropping one of them because I simply could not handle it. So now I’m only taking four classes and I’m still a little overwhelmed. All of them are English-centric, though. Yay!

There’s a lot of reading. SO MUCH reading. I’m taking a British Literature class and it’s hard to read a lot of things. We’re currently in the Victorian period. We just got done with Victorian-period essayists like Carlyle. They were hard to read… @.@ It’s just so dry and it feels like academic writing where everything else is poetry.

Other than that, I don’t have too many gripes about my teachers, this semester. ALTHOUGH! My editing teacher did this… thing. She marked correct answers on a quiz incorrect. Why? Because it’s an editing class and she wants us to edit the quiz. She wants us to come to her and say, “this answer is correct but you’ve marked it wrong!” She wants us to argue with her.

This would be fine if not for one thing: none of us know what the fuck we’re doing.

So now I don’t trust her to give me the correct answers on the quizzes. This means I constantly second-guess myself when it comes to what I actually know, so I am unsure if what I got wrong is actually wrong or if it’s one she wants me to fight with her about.

I am absolutely against this bullshit. If she keeps it up I’m going to complain. Loudly. And colorfully.

I have also joined the editing crew for one of my school’s literary journals. I’m hoping that I’ll get some practice and figure out if I actually want to be an editor. Practical experience is best for that, right?


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