For my Advanced Fiction class, we are required to write a novella. What is a novella, you ask? It’s a short novel. My teacher wants us to have 20,000 words by mid-March. I am currently sitting at about 600 words.

At first, I struggled to come up with an idea. Most of my writing is (sometimes unfortunately) done in regards to characters who are “awake” and in my head. If the characters aren’t awake, writing with them is very, very difficult. They don’t want to do what I need them to do. Some refuse to move at all.

I had two that were moving. The first one was a side character. He had little to no depth or definition and really hadn’t been designed to be more than a body in the corner. I think that’s why he was awake, because he’s usually just kinda… there. He had a name, a general personality, and a general desire. Pretty basic.

The second character was a god-mode character. She’s the one I have simply because she is fun to play with. She is gratuitous violence, explosions, and sass. She’s a wizard who is very old… she’s forgotten how old because there were dalliances with time travel (because why the fuck not, brain?!) but she doesn’t like admitting it, so when someone asks how old she is she just says cryptic shit like, “I rode with Alexander and I wasn’t exactly young, then, either.”  I usually have one god-mode character awake in my head at a time. For just… reasons. *tosses up hands*

Do you guys know what that means? It means I had to beef up my side character or shrink down my god-mode character. Since my god-mode character is extremely prideful and stubborn AF, I chose to beef up the side character. He was much easier to work with…


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