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Aoife, my cat, was recently spayed. That means she has to wear an Elizabethan collar (E-collar, Cone of Shame, whatever). She hates it. She can’t see what’s going on around her and it freaks her right the fuck out. As such, she refuses to be more than a few feet from me or my husband. If she can be in our laps, she will be. Any noise at all makes her flinch so damn hard. It’s more than a little concerning since she’s normally not so skittish.

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Instead of the cone, we are going to try baby shirts. She won’t be able to get at her incision and she’ll be able to see what’s going on around her. Most cats wear size 0-3 months, but Aoife’s pretty skinny, so even the small stuff is too big on her. In addition, the thrift shop I plundered didn’t have much in that size, anyway. Thus, she is wearing TWO shirts. Isn’t she cute?

She is so angry at me, but she can’t figure out how to move in the shirt, yet. As such, she’s just laying there, squirming and rocking back and forth. I can just imagine her like, “Mom, this is such bullshit! I swear to god, you are SO DEAD as soon as I figure out how to sit the fuck up!”

I’m going to hell for finding this as hilarious as I do.


Kill Me Now

WHY did I think taking 18 credit hours was a good idea?!

Guys. GUYS. Learn from my mistake: do NOT take 18 credit hours. You will hate your life because you have no time to do anything but school and sleep and sometimes eat if you have a few free minutes. Date night becomes a thing of the past because you have 60+ pages of crap to read/write/work out. You won’t have time to cook and so you just order pizza and drink whatever you can find in the refrigerator. And then you’ll gain tons of weight because you sure as hell don’t have time to go to the gym and work it off. You’ll ignore your beloved pastimes because guess what? You don’t have time for that, anymore! No reading beyond what’s required, no video games or movies unless you’ve triple-checked that you don’t have anything due the next day.

Sleep? You won’t really sleep. You’ll collapse in a fit of exhaustion four hours before you need to be up to get dressed and head for public transportation. Your dreams will be filled with your subject of study. I had a dream about rhetorically analyzing my dream state. Yes, you read that correctly. I am so tired. I am so tired that I haven’t even had energy to threaten to cut my teachers. Do you have any idea how weird that is?!

You will also hate everyone else because they don’t have insane demands on their time. They’ll ask if you want to go do things or hang out and you’ll have to tell them, “I can’t, I have too much homework,” like you’re still in frigging high school, or something. Your weekends will be devoted to school work and trying to get a jump on the week after, because if you can get a jump on the coursework, maybe you’ll have time to do something else that week like getting a haircut or making a grocery store run.

The only good thing about this is that next semester will be a cinch.

I am enjoying most of my classes. My sci-fi worldbuilding class gave me grief for a little while because I had to collaborate with the whole class. Now we’ve broken into small groups and I like everyone in my group. My genre-studies class is interesting because I think I might actually, finally be picking up how to read like a writer! I, apparently, am learning to recognize the tricks of writing and such.

Also, my short story was accepted to the fiction literary journal. I’m really excited about that! I can’t post it, yet, but I can post it once the journal’s actually published. 😀

But, all that aside, don’t take 18 credit hours. Just… don’t do that to yourself. Love yourself enough to cap your semesters at 15 credit hours. You’ll thank me later.