My Technology Hates Me

A couple weeks ago the GPU on my desktop started to have problems. After performing ALL the tech support, it’s been determined that it’s a problem with the unit itself and not a software issue. The GPU’s only a year old so it’s still under warranty. I’m now waiting for the RMA guys to get their shit together. All this really means is that I can’t game on that computer. Okay, no biggie. It was finals time, anyway, so it was good for me to cut back on the gaming. And my husband’s works in my computer, we could just swap it out. It’s the exact same GPU so it should work. And it totally did.

So we did that occasionally so I could game while I’m home and he’s at work. But today, it suddenly doesn’t work. The GPU works in his computer but not in mine. I get the same error as before but with his GPU. But it doesn’t do that on his computer. I don’t understand. *pout*

Then, last week, my phone decided to become a brick. I was rocking an iPhone 6 and I had only had it for two years or so. It kept saying that it had no storage space. I deleted all my apps, one by one, until there were like… four left and they were the ones I use for work. Four apps should not 16GB make. I did the math. Because it had no storage space the phone began eating text messages and wouldn’t let me open my email or take pictures or anything, so my husband couldn’t get in touch with me at all. So I had to get a new one… I went Android this time. Apple has failed me for the last time! *shakes fist menacingly*

Finally, because I can’t game on my desktop while my husband’s home I decided to pick up my old PS2 games again. I rediscovered the joy of Tomba! for a glorious three hours. Yesterday it suddenly developed the inability to read disks. So it’s dead now, too (goodbye, old friend…)

I have only one conclusion: my technology hates me. At this point, I’m just waiting for my chromebook to die for no damn reason (it’s not even a year old, yet).

Guys, I have all the sads, right now…


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