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Heard At School, Today

“My first car’s name was Tinkerbell because you had to believe in it real hard to get it to start.”


The Hardest Part About Writing…

Is coming up with a @#%&-ING TITLE.

I have been writing this novella for months, now. It has gotten very long: it’s nearly long enough to be an actual novel instead of a novella. I have written through it and have most of the major scenes at least outlined if not polished. I have characters that develop and grow as the story unfolds. I have actions and reactions and all the things they recommend you have for your story. The one thing I do not have is a title. I cannot think of one that I like.

I have gone through several things to try and find a title. Pick out what the story is about: it’s about the a young man who is part of a family of hunters of the supernatural who discovers “he’s a wizard, Harry,” and has to flee or his family will murder the shit out of him. So he’s kind of a hunter. And he’s kind of a wizard/warlock/mage person. It gets a little complicated and I tend to overthink things. If overthinking was an Olympic sport, I could probably take gold.

Title generators are interesting, but so far I haven’t really found anything that fits. I replace the words in the title with ones that are relevant to my story. When I do that, I overthink things some more: my main character is a hunter but also a warlock, but he’s kinda not either of those things at the same time? It’s a story about finding yourself, but it’s done via road trip and so that means I can use words like ‘road’ or ‘journey’ or could I get away with using ‘sojourn’ because they don’t stay in one place for very long and it could be seen as a series of sojourns–

See what I mean?