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The Hardest Part About Writing…

Is coming up with a @#%&-ING TITLE.

I have been writing this novella for months, now. It has gotten very long: it’s nearly long enough to be an actual novel instead of a novella. I have written through it and have most of the major scenes at least outlined if not polished. I have characters that develop and grow as the story unfolds. I have actions and reactions and all the things they recommend you have for your story. The one thing I do not have is a title. I cannot think of one that I like.

I have gone through several things to try and find a title. Pick out what the story is about: it’s about the a young man who is part of a family of hunters of the supernatural who discovers “he’s a wizard, Harry,” and has to flee or his family will murder the shit out of him. So he’s kind of a hunter. And he’s kind of a wizard/warlock/mage person. It gets a little complicated and I tend to overthink things. If overthinking was an Olympic sport, I could probably take gold.

Title generators are interesting, but so far I haven’t really found anything that fits. I replace the words in the title with ones that are relevant to my story. When I do that, I overthink things some more: my main character is a hunter but also a warlock, but he’s kinda not either of those things at the same time? It’s a story about finding yourself, but it’s done via road trip and so that means I can use words like ‘road’ or ‘journey’ or could I get away with using ‘sojourn’ because they don’t stay in one place for very long and it could be seen as a series of sojourns–

See what I mean?