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I am a college student, studying English with an emphasis on Writing Studies. I enjoy reading, writing, video games, crocheting, attempting to knit, and getting lost on Tumblr. I swear like a trucker and have a low tolerance for stupidity. I am a smol angry person. Hey, look, me in five sentences or less.

I met with my professor…

Professor: All in all, good work! Just keep writing.

Me: Oh, don’t worry, I can’t stop. ^_^;


Ekphrastic Poetry

Today in my poetry class we discussed ekphrastic poetry. This is poetry based on art. My teacher asked us to view The Scream by Edvard Munch. For those who are unfamiliar, here is the painting:

(Obviously, I don’t own this picture).

Everybody else’s poems were dark and mysterious, focusing on the blue and the orange and the horror that is behind the picture. And then there’s mine… which… is none of those things. I think I might have missed the purpose of the exercise. ANYWAY, here’s my poem.

Pale, wide-eyed, open mouth.
A reaction of unimaginable horror.
What is he even screaming at?
Is that Salad Fingers?
Did he ask someone if they liked rusty spoons,
And they dared to say no?
Oh, the horror.
Or perhaps he’s Voldemort on a bad acid trip
For the sky is rolling with color
Like the sea below it.
All rolling, roiling, rotating, returning
Back and forth upon themselves
And each other
Carrying with them unimaginable things
All of them terrible.
Perhaps that’s enough to scream about.

Sonnet 1

I’m taking a poetry class this semester. So far, I have learned that rhyming is hard and iambic pentameter can die in a fire. To quote Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, “I was not born under a rhyming planet.” Either way, here’s what I came up with. I don’t even care that it isn’t in iambic pentameter because–as I stated above–the damn thing can go die.


Clouds cover the moon, leaving the night black.
Lightning flashes streak through the darkened sky
Perfect darkness momentarily wracked.
Thunder comes seconds after, miles away.
There’s something calming about storms, soothing.
The best nights are those with no rain or snow
When the wind is warm, whipping, wild, wailing,
And the grass is cool beneath my bare toes.
The thunder calls and I must go to it,
Swaying in the yard, peaceful, blissful,
In the noise of wind and crash and spirit
Eternity awaits in thunder’s lull.
I have never slept so well as during a storm,
Peace in my bed, trusting thunder to bring me home.

The Hardest Part About Writing…

Is coming up with a @#%&-ING TITLE.

I have been writing this novella for months, now. It has gotten very long: it’s nearly long enough to be an actual novel instead of a novella. I have written through it and have most of the major scenes at least outlined if not polished. I have characters that develop and grow as the story unfolds. I have actions and reactions and all the things they recommend you have for your story. The one thing I do not have is a title. I cannot think of one that I like.

I have gone through several things to try and find a title. Pick out what the story is about: it’s about the a young man who is part of a family of hunters of the supernatural who discovers “he’s a wizard, Harry,” and has to flee or his family will murder the shit out of him. So he’s kind of a hunter. And he’s kind of a wizard/warlock/mage person. It gets a little complicated and I tend to overthink things. If overthinking was an Olympic sport, I could probably take gold.

Title generators are interesting, but so far I haven’t really found anything that fits. I replace the words in the title with ones that are relevant to my story. When I do that, I overthink things some more: my main character is a hunter but also a warlock, but he’s kinda not either of those things at the same time? It’s a story about finding yourself, but it’s done via road trip and so that means I can use words like ‘road’ or ‘journey’ or could I get away with using ‘sojourn’ because they don’t stay in one place for very long and it could be seen as a series of sojourns–

See what I mean?

My Technology Hates Me

A couple weeks ago the GPU on my desktop started to have problems. After performing ALL the tech support, it’s been determined that it’s a problem with the unit itself and not a software issue. The GPU’s only a year old so it’s still under warranty. I’m now waiting for the RMA guys to get their shit together. All this really means is that I can’t game on that computer. Okay, no biggie. It was finals time, anyway, so it was good for me to cut back on the gaming. And my husband’s works in my computer, we could just swap it out. It’s the exact same GPU so it should work. And it totally did.

So we did that occasionally so I could game while I’m home and he’s at work. But today, it suddenly doesn’t work. The GPU works in his computer but not in mine. I get the same error as before but with his GPU. But it doesn’t do that on his computer. I don’t understand. *pout*

Then, last week, my phone decided to become a brick. I was rocking an iPhone 6 and I had only had it for two years or so. It kept saying that it had no storage space. I deleted all my apps, one by one, until there were like… four left and they were the ones I use for work. Four apps should not 16GB make. I did the math. Because it had no storage space the phone began eating text messages and wouldn’t let me open my email or take pictures or anything, so my husband couldn’t get in touch with me at all. So I had to get a new one… I went Android this time. Apple has failed me for the last time! *shakes fist menacingly*

Finally, because I can’t game on my desktop while my husband’s home I decided to pick up my old PS2 games again. I rediscovered the joy of Tomba! for a glorious three hours. Yesterday it suddenly developed the inability to read disks. So it’s dead now, too (goodbye, old friend…)

I have only one conclusion: my technology hates me. At this point, I’m just waiting for my chromebook to die for no damn reason (it’s not even a year old, yet).

Guys, I have all the sads, right now…

Dragon Scale Pattern Problems

I have finally decided to crochet something for me. Usually, I crochet for other people, but now it’s my turn. I decided that I wanted fingerless gloves. Why fingerless? Because I want to be able to type and use my phone and be able to open a door without removing the glove. So fingerless glove patterns aren’t hard to find. But! I decided that I wanted DRAGON SCALE fingerless gloves. They’re freaking awesome-looking, yeah?

dragonscale pic1

Note: I don’t own that picture. I just ganked it off Google. Either way, you can see why I might want to wear those, yeah? The stitch itself is called the crocodile stitch.

Here’s my problem: the scales point UP toward the tips of the fingers. In my mind, dragon scales point DOWN toward the elbows. Also, I don’t want scales on my palms because I feel like they would get caught on pens, and I imagine they would feel much bulkier. So, I endeavored to find a pattern that would let me make that. Unfortunately, it appears I am one of the very few people who thinks that way because 90% of the patterns have the scales pointing up AND they have the scales all the way around.

I did find one pattern that had the scales pointing down AND scaleless palms. There were tons of pictures on Ravelry of the mitts. The problem is that the pattern is… not great. It looks like there are supposed to be a crap-ton of pictures to help people make them, but Photobucket is an asshole. None of the pictures actually show, anymore, so we’re working with like… half a pattern. Also, all the pictures I find that look similar inevitably come back to that pattern. Nuuuuuuuuu… I am sad, now.

I may just have to suck it up and make a pair with scales on the palms. Maybe if I make a pair first I can alter it to my own liking. Unless any of you can help me? 😀