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Yarn Problems

I really want to start a new crochet project, but I already have something like ten in the works. Logically I know that I should finish at least one of them before I begin another project. At this moment, I have:

  1. A shawl/jacket thing for my mother-in-law
  2. A pair of baby booties (they are apparently harder than I thought)
  3. A sweater I’m attempting to make for my eldest little brother
  4. A headband for my husband
  5. A scarf for another brother
  6. A scarf for no one in particular, but I loved the colors too much to not make it
  7. A hat for Grandpa
  8. A pair of slippers for a friend

Okay, so not ten project. Eight projects. I should finish one before I start another. But the patterns are just so damn pretty…



I have some friends of the family who are trying to adopt a baby. These friends are a gay couple. Because of their sexuality, their own families aren’t really involved. My mother is worried that nobody is going to fuss over the baby the way a grandparent should, so she’s taking it upon herself to do the thing.

Usually, when someone I know is having a baby, I make them a blanket. I have made a few, now. I don’t like them. So instead, I’m going to make baby booties… I have never made booties, before. They’re super tiny! That probably sound weird, because of course they’re tiny, but damn, they are tiny.

But yeah, a pair of baby booties and a hat would make a perfectly fine gift for people expecting a baby. Now I just have to pick from one of the million patterns I have found online. Jeez, how many types of booties are there?!

On that note, I’m thinking sleepy pandas.**

Sleepy Panda Baby Booties
**Picture taken from

I Made This

A co-worker of mine who knows that I crochet asked if I could make him a baby Cybug. For those who don’t know, Cybugs are from the movie Wreck-It Ralph. The baby ones are actually kind of cute.

Unfortunately, there were no ready-made patterns online that I could follow. This means I had to make the pattern myself. This is the finished product and I am super pleased with how it turned out.

I wonder if Disney would be pissed if I started selling the pattern…