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Dragon Scale Pattern Problems

I have finally decided to crochet something for me. Usually, I crochet for other people, but now it’s my turn. I decided that I wanted fingerless gloves. Why fingerless? Because I want to be able to type and use my phone and be able to open a door without removing the glove. So fingerless glove patterns aren’t hard to find. But! I decided that I wanted DRAGON SCALE fingerless gloves. They’re freaking awesome-looking, yeah?

dragonscale pic1

Note: I don’t own that picture. I just ganked it off Google. Either way, you can see why I might want to wear those, yeah? The stitch itself is called the crocodile stitch.

Here’s my problem: the scales point UP toward the tips of the fingers. In my mind, dragon scales point DOWN toward the elbows. Also, I don’t want scales on my palms because I feel like they would get caught on pens, and I imagine they would feel much bulkier. So, I endeavored to find a pattern that would let me make that. Unfortunately, it appears I am one of the very few people who thinks that way because 90% of the patterns have the scales pointing up AND they have the scales all the way around.

I did find one pattern that had the scales pointing down AND scaleless palms. There were tons of pictures on Ravelry of the mitts. The problem is that the pattern is… not great. It looks like there are supposed to be a crap-ton of pictures to help people make them, but Photobucket is an asshole. None of the pictures actually show, anymore, so we’re working with like… half a pattern. Also, all the pictures I find that look similar inevitably come back to that pattern. Nuuuuuuuuu… I am sad, now.

I may just have to suck it up and make a pair with scales on the palms. Maybe if I make a pair first I can alter it to my own liking. Unless any of you can help me? šŸ˜€


Yarn Problems

I really want to start a new crochet project, but I already have something like ten in the works. Logically I know that I should finish at least one of them before I begin another project. At this moment, I have:

  1. A shawl/jacket thing for my mother-in-law
  2. A pair of baby booties (they are apparently harder than I thought)
  3. A sweater I’m attempting to make for my eldest little brother
  4. A headband for my husband
  5. A scarf for another brother
  6. A scarf for no one in particular, but I loved the colors too much to not make it
  7. A hat for Grandpa
  8. A pair of slippers for a friend

Okay, so not ten project. Eight projects. I should finish one before I start another. But the patterns are just so damn pretty…


I have some friends of the family who are trying to adopt a baby. These friends are a gay couple. Because of their sexuality, their own families aren’t really involved. My mother is worried that nobody is going to fuss over the baby the way a grandparent should, so she’s taking it upon herself to do the thing.

Usually, when someone I know is having a baby, I make them a blanket. I have made a few, now. I don’t like them. So instead, I’m going to make baby booties… I have never made booties, before. They’re super tiny! That probably sound weird, because of course they’re tiny, butĀ damn, they areĀ tiny.

But yeah, a pair of baby booties and a hat would make a perfectly fine gift for people expecting a baby. Now I just have to pick from one of the million patterns I have found online. Jeez, how many types of booties are there?!

On that note, I’m thinking sleepy pandas.**

Sleepy Panda Baby Booties
**Picture taken fromĀ

I Made This

A co-worker of mine who knows that I crochet asked if I could make him a baby Cybug. For those who don’t know, Cybugs are from the movieĀ Wreck-It Ralph. The baby ones are actually kind of cute.

Unfortunately, there were no ready-made patterns online that I could follow. This means I had to make the pattern myself. This is the finished product and I am super pleased with how it turned out.

I wonder if Disney would be pissed if I started selling the pattern…