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I met with my professor…

Professor: All in all, good work! Just keep writing.

Me: Oh, don’t worry, I can’t stop. ^_^;


World Building

I took a sci-fi world building class. In the last half of the class we got into small groups and created a world for us to write in. We decided to create a space station called Talerico, which is in the middle of nowhere on the way to everywhere. What is this? A space truck stop. Literally, that was what we came up with. There’s a space convenience store, a space diner, a space towing station, a space gift shop… anything that you can find at a major truck stop, put ‘space’ in front of it and you can probably find it on Talerico.

This place is a mess; it’s managed by a human named Ellie Devereaux, the cleaning system gained sentience and knows all due to its veritable army of Roomba-like robots, there are dragon people in the hangar who are carrying a new planet with them because it hasn’t grown big enough to be on its own, yet, the security guard is a space version of a rent-a-cop named Ksjilkrrgaaragth (pronounced Kevin) who is all but useless, the motel is seedy and the cleaning robot who takes care of it is called Housekeeping.

In reality Ksjilkrrgaaragth is a spy. The galaxy is policed by a militaristic force (Intergalactic Military Corps) and, because they are a giant bag of dicks there is an intergalactic rebellion. Talerico is a major hub of activity and so the rebellion has stationed various members there. There is Ksjilkrrgaaragth, who is the head, and then the owner of the gift shop, one of the bartenders, the station tech, the towing station manager, and all of them bribe the cleaning system to not rat them out.

Writing in this world has been so much fun. It’s shenanigans. Like… there is no structure, there is no real canon, our philosophy was just, “If you can explain it, go for it, literally, whatever you want.” Our class is ending, so we won’t have the class site to work on, anymore, but we’re likely going to create a Tumblr or a website so we can keep writing. Maybe I’ll post things here. 😀

Writer Brain

I am taking six classes this semester. They are all writing-based. This semester, I am taking:

Grant Writing
Writing for Social Change
Advanced Fiction
Genre Lit Studies – Fiction
Sci-Fi World-Building
Rhetorical Theory

A lot of them involve a shit-ton of reading, too. But okay, I’m writing a thing for my Adv Fic class. I have been writing ALL DAY. Apparently, when I write, everything else goes out of the window. So at 9:45pm I suddenly realized that I haven’t eaten, yet, and go to make food. I make the spaghetti, I make the sauce, but I forgot the hamburger. So I have luke-warm noodles, warm sauce, and frozen hamburger.

Also, my husband (who also writes) was bouncing ideas off me, trying to figure out how to make something that started out silly and fun involving kids at a school or something (I can’t even remember the premise) into something creepy. Y’know what my response was? “Light a kid on fire.” It sounded like a perfectly reasonable idea to my writing-grappled brain. It wasn’t until my husband stared at me in horror that I went, “Wait. What did I say?”

Writer’s brain. Thank fuck I haven’t been out in public, today.

I Made That Exam My Bitch

Apparently, I did learn the shit I was supposed to. Huzzah!

Today I had my final exam for my lit class, American Literature After 1865. I had been stressing over my writing portfolio for my other class and completely forgot that I had an actual, y’know, test that I had to take. Thankfully my teacher provided a short study guide. I went through that study guide yesterday evening and wrote up the things it said I needed to know. Today I went into my exam, still stressing a bit, and I feel like I kicked it’s ass. There’s only one question where I was like, “Uh… no?” The rest felt pretty good. I was really worried about the essay portion since the study guide said, “Pick one or two quotes from five authors and bring them to write an essay on a general topic.” I was super annoyed at that because could you be any vaguer?!

Related image

Thankfully the essay prompt was, “List the quotes that are most influential to you personally and explain why” and I had a moment of “AWWWW YEAH BITCH!” So there were 3-4 pages on that and the rest was discussing the major literary movements of the period. Realism, Regionalism, Naturalism, Modernism, Postmodernism- too many ‘isms!’

Y’know, I may still be a bit jittery from lack of sleep and nerves and coffee. Yeah.

Paranoid note: I said I feel like I kicked its ass. This means I actually did kick its ass, OR it kicked my ass and was sneaky AF about it. We’ll find out in a few days.