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Today, after school, I am going to go home and make pages. I am going to find a spot to hang out and I am going to make pages.

Y’hear that, Universe?! TODAY! I am going to MAKE. PAGES. There are going to be so many words and so many pages. ALL THE PAGES! Today, the geologists will not win because I will make pages.



Talerico Stuff: Character!

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I totally stole that picture from Google. I don’t own that picture. I just borrowed it for school world-building stuff.

New from Sands General Electric! This is an ACE, or Automated Contaminant Exterminator. These little robots fulfill your every cleaning need. Whether it’s dust, dirt, unidentified slime/sludge/whatever, the ACE will take care of it. They are small enough that they will fit almost anywhere. It uses an array of sensors to determine where and when messes are made and then takes care of them!

Talerico has an ACE system. It uses the security cameras and sensors in Talerico and that’s how it becomes aware of messes. There is a fleet of little cleaning bots that roam the halls, vents, corners, and cracks of the entire station. What nobody expected was that it would gain sentience. Due to the somewhat isolated nature of Talerico, the system was unable to link to the Sands General Electric main server. Without the server’s guidance, the ACE system was forced to rely on its own limited server and evolved accordingly. The main server in Talerico’s “basement” is where the main mind lives while the small robots are extensions of it.

Because its function was originally to clean, ACE treats cleanliness like a religion. While ACE cannot speak, its bots beep and squawk angrily when anything is not up to the preferred standard of clean. Anyone who is particularly messy is treated with scorn and will likely have a swarm of bots following them at all times.

ACE’s bots are roughly three inches high and move via a propulsion system. Do you know what that means? They FLY.

World Building

I took a sci-fi world building class. In the last half of the class we got into small groups and created a world for us to write in. We decided to create a space station called Talerico, which is in the middle of nowhere on the way to everywhere. What is this? A space truck stop. Literally, that was what we came up with. There’s a space convenience store, a space diner, a space towing station, a space gift shop… anything that you can find at a major truck stop, put ‘space’ in front of it and you can probably find it on Talerico.

This place is a mess; it’s managed by a human named Ellie Devereaux, the cleaning system gained sentience and knows all due to its veritable army of Roomba-like robots, there are dragon people in the hangar who are carrying a new planet with them because it hasn’t grown big enough to be on its own, yet, the security guard is a space version of a rent-a-cop named Ksjilkrrgaaragth (pronounced Kevin) who is all but useless, the motel is seedy and the cleaning robot who takes care of it is called Housekeeping.

In reality Ksjilkrrgaaragth is a spy. The galaxy is policed by a militaristic force (Intergalactic Military Corps) and, because they are a giant bag of dicks there is an intergalactic rebellion. Talerico is a major hub of activity and so the rebellion has stationed various members there. There is Ksjilkrrgaaragth, who is the head, and then the owner of the gift shop, one of the bartenders, the station tech, the towing station manager, and all of them bribe the cleaning system to not rat them out.

Writing in this world has been so much fun. It’s shenanigans. Like… there is no structure, there is no real canon, our philosophy was just, “If you can explain it, go for it, literally, whatever you want.” Our class is ending, so we won’t have the class site to work on, anymore, but we’re likely going to create a Tumblr or a website so we can keep writing. Maybe I’ll post things here. 😀

Kill Me Now

WHY did I think taking 18 credit hours was a good idea?!

Guys. GUYS. Learn from my mistake: do NOT take 18 credit hours. You will hate your life because you have no time to do anything but school and sleep and sometimes eat if you have a few free minutes. Date night becomes a thing of the past because you have 60+ pages of crap to read/write/work out. You won’t have time to cook and so you just order pizza and drink whatever you can find in the refrigerator. And then you’ll gain tons of weight because you sure as hell don’t have time to go to the gym and work it off. You’ll ignore your beloved pastimes because guess what? You don’t have time for that, anymore! No reading beyond what’s required, no video games or movies unless you’ve triple-checked that you don’t have anything due the next day.

Sleep? You won’t really sleep. You’ll collapse in a fit of exhaustion four hours before you need to be up to get dressed and head for public transportation. Your dreams will be filled with your subject of study. I had a dream about rhetorically analyzing my dream state. Yes, you read that correctly. I am so tired. I am so tired that I haven’t even had energy to threaten to cut my teachers. Do you have any idea how weird that is?!

You will also hate everyone else because they don’t have insane demands on their time. They’ll ask if you want to go do things or hang out and you’ll have to tell them, “I can’t, I have too much homework,” like you’re still in frigging high school, or something. Your weekends will be devoted to school work and trying to get a jump on the week after, because if you can get a jump on the coursework, maybe you’ll have time to do something else that week like getting a haircut or making a grocery store run.

The only good thing about this is that next semester will be a cinch.

I am enjoying most of my classes. My sci-fi worldbuilding class gave me grief for a little while because I had to collaborate with the whole class. Now we’ve broken into small groups and I like everyone in my group. My genre-studies class is interesting because I think I might actually, finally be picking up how to read like a writer! I, apparently, am learning to recognize the tricks of writing and such.

Also, my short story was accepted to the fiction literary journal. I’m really excited about that! I can’t post it, yet, but I can post it once the journal’s actually published. 😀

But, all that aside, don’t take 18 credit hours. Just… don’t do that to yourself. Love yourself enough to cap your semesters at 15 credit hours. You’ll thank me later.


For my Advanced Fiction class, we are required to write a novella. What is a novella, you ask? It’s a short novel. My teacher wants us to have 20,000 words by mid-March. I am currently sitting at about 600 words.

At first, I struggled to come up with an idea. Most of my writing is (sometimes unfortunately) done in regards to characters who are “awake” and in my head. If the characters aren’t awake, writing with them is very, very difficult. They don’t want to do what I need them to do. Some refuse to move at all.

I had two that were moving. The first one was a side character. He had little to no depth or definition and really hadn’t been designed to be more than a body in the corner. I think that’s why he was awake, because he’s usually just kinda… there. He had a name, a general personality, and a general desire. Pretty basic.

The second character was a god-mode character. She’s the one I have simply because she is fun to play with. She is gratuitous violence, explosions, and sass. She’s a wizard who is very old… she’s forgotten how old because there were dalliances with time travel (because why the fuck not, brain?!) but she doesn’t like admitting it, so when someone asks how old she is she just says cryptic shit like, “I rode with Alexander and I wasn’t exactly young, then, either.”  I usually have one god-mode character awake in my head at a time. For just… reasons. *tosses up hands*

Do you guys know what that means? It means I had to beef up my side character or shrink down my god-mode character. Since my god-mode character is extremely prideful and stubborn AF, I chose to beef up the side character. He was much easier to work with…

Writer Brain

I am taking six classes this semester. They are all writing-based. This semester, I am taking:

Grant Writing
Writing for Social Change
Advanced Fiction
Genre Lit Studies – Fiction
Sci-Fi World-Building
Rhetorical Theory

A lot of them involve a shit-ton of reading, too. But okay, I’m writing a thing for my Adv Fic class. I have been writing ALL DAY. Apparently, when I write, everything else goes out of the window. So at 9:45pm I suddenly realized that I haven’t eaten, yet, and go to make food. I make the spaghetti, I make the sauce, but I forgot the hamburger. So I have luke-warm noodles, warm sauce, and frozen hamburger.

Also, my husband (who also writes) was bouncing ideas off me, trying to figure out how to make something that started out silly and fun involving kids at a school or something (I can’t even remember the premise) into something creepy. Y’know what my response was? “Light a kid on fire.” It sounded like a perfectly reasonable idea to my writing-grappled brain. It wasn’t until my husband stared at me in horror that I went, “Wait. What did I say?”

Writer’s brain. Thank fuck I haven’t been out in public, today.